New touring exhibition -

ABROAD; what’s in the suitcase?


A MacGuffin, for those who don’t know the definition, is an object that propels a story
forward but, realistically, has no bearing on the story whatsoever.

It could literally be anything, but here it is a suitcase helping to push a story along.
What’s made this suitcase so interesting in this instance is that nobody’s really sure what it
contains. That is of course till we take a peek inside and all is revealed.

Within this exhibition each selected artist presents a work that unpacks an element of their
creative practice; with the suitcase being the support and carrier, marking its journey from
the studio to the gallery.

Everyone packs a little something extra, and so to this end does this project carrying
the artistic and curatorial process as one.

Abroads first stop will be at the Percy Thomson Gallery in mid-2023